Hello There!

My name is Emerson. I'm a 24 year old student attending the University of California, Riverside. I am studying Computer Science with plans to graduate with a Bachelors degree in the Spring of 2022. I transferred to UCR from El Camino College where I earned an Associates in Mathematics.

Some hobbies of mine include video games, mainly racing simulators, as well as programming miscellaneous side projects. I'm a big fan of robotics, having participated on my High School's FRC Team. At El Camino College I was elected President of their ACM Chapter where the other officers and I organized many events such as attending hack-a-thons, code camps, and college tours. We also hosted an annual programming contest.

As for the future, I am interested in pursuing a career related to embedded systems, computer architecture, or other backend work.



USB Wifi Switch

The USB Wifi Switch is is a 2-port, individually controllable, wifi-enabled charging hub. I made it to automatically charge a tablet I use as a Home Assistant dashboard so it wouldn't always be charging but wouldn't need to be manually plugged in. The hardware is out-of-the-box compatable the open-source ESPHome library.

  • KiCad
  • PCB Design


The goal of the ESPHub was a project that spanned both hardware and software. I have designed a PCB that holds a temperature/humidity sensor as well as a light sensor. Communication is done through an ESP8266 WiFi-enabled microcontroller that has a webserver that returns data in JSON format. The data can then be pulled into Home Assistant allowing for easy IOT devices around the house.

  • PlatformIO
  • C/C++

Self-hosted Homelab

I run a Dell R510 clustered with 4x Dell Optiplex mini PCs, offering a total of 40 cores, 175GB of memory, and ~10TB of storage. I run Proxmox as the hypervisor and run many services such as Plex for home media streaming, NextCloud, Nginx, and various Docker containers.

  • Proxmox (Hypervisor)
  • Nginx (Reverse Proxy)
  • Nextcloud
  • Docker
  • Plex


For a while, I was really into Project Cars 2, so I created a custom dashboard to be displayed while driving. It uses data from the game to display the car's current RPM, speed, and gear. It also has a meter showing when to shift, current throttle/braking, and g-forces applied to the car.

  • Python
  • Pygame